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DNA Microarrays

DNA microarrays are solid supports usually made of glass or silicon upon which DNA is attached in an organized fashion. Each spot of DNA is called a probe represent a single gene. DNA Microarrays can analyze the expression of tens of thousands of genes simultaneously. DNA Microarray is also known as DNA chip. The principle … DNA Microarrays Read More »

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Support vector Machine(SVM)

In this post, I will walk you through one of the most common supervised machine learning algorithms i.e., Support Vector Machine. Support vector machine or SVM is a supervised machine learning algorithm, which is used for both regression and classification problems in machine learning. The method which is used for classification is called “Support Vector … Support vector Machine(SVM) Read More »

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Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism

T-RFLP (Terminal Restriction fragment Length Polymorphism) is one of the most common DNA fingerprinting techniques in forensic applications. T-RFLP is a microbial profiling method and is an amplification method for amplifying the 16S rRNA genes. TRFLP is an amplification method using fluorescent-labeled end primer. Amplicons are digested using restriction endonucleases. Fragments (different sizes) are separated … Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Read More »

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