Month: December 2019

SEMEN Analysis

Semen analysis Semen, also known as Spermatozoa is a type of body fluid that is secreted by sexual organs of the male reproductive system to fertilize female ova. In certain cases to analyze rape or sexual assaults, a presumptive and confirmatory test of semen(semen analysis) is performed. Screening test A screening test is performed to …

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What is Forensic Serology? Forensic serologist  analyze semen, feces, urine, saliva etc. Serology is the identification of blood and blood proteins. Serology is  described as a range of laboratory tests utilizing antigen and serum antibody reactions. There are two different types of blood/body fluids transfer. Direct transfer and indirect transfer. Current serological tests analyses  the …

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Sanger Sequencing

Sequencing is a process of determining the precise order of nucleotides in a DNA template after amplification using specific loci. Sanger sequencing was invented by Fredrick Sanger in 1977.It is a widely used sequencing method and now replaced by Next-Generation sequencing methods. In Sanger sequencing, only  fragments of DNA (specific locus) can be amplified and …

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