Month: January 2021


Decision tree Algorithm

Decision tree algorithm is a commonly used supervised learning algorithm, solves classification problems. Decision tree is the graphical representation of all the possible solutions to a decision. Decisions are based on some conditions. Decision tree is a tree-like structure, that breaks down a dataset into smaller and smaller subsets. The final result is a tree with decision …

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Role of Virtual Assistant in enhancing customer experience

Role of Virtual Assistant in customer experience

Virtual assistant in enhancing customer experience : The world of conversational experience is way beyond our imagination. In any industry customer experience can be modulated through a conversational chat or a voice bot.     I am not talking about the normal conversational experience of “check my bank account balance “ or “press 1 to …

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KNN Algorithm (K-Nearest Neighbors)

K-Nearest Neighbors(KNN) is one of the simplest supervised machine learning algorithms used for classification.  KNN algorithm performs by matching the test data with K neighbor training examples and decides its group. K is the number of neighbors in KNN. The KNN algorithm is used in the following scenarios: Data is noise-free Data is labeled Dataset …

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