Saranya Krishnan

Hi, I am Saranya. I hold MS Forensic Science (Biology track) from International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI),Florida International University, Miami and MSc Biotechnology from Bharatiar University, India. During my graduate degree in US, myresearch work was in the Genomic Analyses of pathogenic and Non pathogenic Fungi isolated from ambrosia beetles in avocado trees using Fragment analysis and Multi locus sequence typing. I am a person passionate in Forensic Biology, especially the role of DNA in Forensics.

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How Forensic Biology aided to identify Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein – Forensic biology One of the missions of United States military service during the Iraq war in March 2003 was to capture and kill “Saddam Hussein” who was the dictator of Iraq who threatens the world by using his power. Saddam was known to have ‘stunt doubles’ to protect his life. After capturing …

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Reverse Transcription PCR technique to Detect COVID 19

COVID 19  Corona virus is an infectious disease and is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS COV-2). The symptoms include high fever, cough and shortness of breath. The other symptoms include body, abdominal pain, sore throat and diarrhea. The disease first appeared in China and is spreading globally creating a pandemic …

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Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR is a widespread molecular biology technique widely used in Short Tandem Repeat and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis. Multiplex PCR is a polymerase chain reaction in which multiple DNA templates can be amplified by using multiple primer pairs in a single reaction. The method was first described in 1988 to detect deletions in the …

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Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR  (Real-time PCR) is a molecular biology technique for the amplification of targeted DNA molecules in real-time. Real-time PCR is a recently developed technique by Higuchi in 1993. This procedure uses a modified thermal cycler with UV Detector and Charged couple device (CCD) camera. The procedure measures the amount of amplicon produced in each …

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