This book provides stepwise instructions to create your own cryptocurrency using Ethereum, and to deploy the created
cryptocurrency onto the Ethereum network.

This book guides users through a step-by-step process to 
create a Decentralized Blogging Application using Truffle,
Ganache, and Metamask plugins.

This book covers several important topics on current blockchain algorithms.
The focus of this book is to provide an overview to the common reader 
about three things
Blockchain algorithms, Smart contracts and Decentralized applications.

The book starts with a methodology section about DNA typing,
and Forensic DNA profiling, while documenting the basics of DNA extraction
and delving into 3-4 different DNA extraction methods namely
Chelex DNA extraction, FTA paper extraction, and non-human DNA Testing.

This book is a modified version of several of my posts on It is divided into three sections i.e. Bitcoin, Smart Contract and applications for easy consumption by readers.

This book is the collection of essays presented here provide the reader a holistic view of technological and economic events in the Blockchain industry. Some of the essays document important technical problems that the Blockchain solves.