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Introduction to DNA IQ System

DNA IQ system uses a unique approach for DNA isolation. In this method, paramagnetic resin is used in this procedure. The resin has a definite DNA binding capacity and will only bind to a specific, certain amount of DNA. DNA IQ system avoids the use of organic solvents such as phenol and eliminates multiple centrifugation steps in the procedure.

Source – https://www.promega.com/-/media/files/resources/protocols/technical-bulletins/101/dna-iq-system-database-protocol.pdf

The DNA IQ system uses silica-coated magnetic beads to capture the DNA from the lysed cells. The beads saturate by binding 100 ng of DNA. Excess of the DNA and debris is washed away by pipetting and immobilizing the beads with the magnet.

Lysis of the cells occurs by means of chaotropic agent. DNA binds to silica in this procedure based on the action of a chaotrope namely Guanidinium Hydrochloride. A chaotrope denatures biomolecules by disrupting the layer around them. This allows positively charged ions to form a bridge between negatively charged silica and DNA backbone. DNA can then be washed will be eluted with low salt concentration. Maxwell™ 16 (Promega) contains magnetic silica beads which permit automation and also control the level of input DNA concentration.In this device Maxwell™ 16 reagents are preloaded on to the catridges. The analyst only needs to add the sample, 16 DNA samples are processed simultaneously and will be ready in 30 minutes.

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