FTA Paper DNA Extraction

FTA Paper was developed by Lee Burgoyne at Flinders University in Australia and is a method of storing DNA. It is an absorbent cellulose-based paper containing chemical substances to protect the DNA from nuclease degradation and preserve the paper and DNA  from bacterial growth. DNA on FTA paper is stable at room temperature over a period of several years.


Pic Coutersy -Forensic DNA typing- John M.Butler


Samples can be collected at room temperature. DNA can be isolated in 15-30 minutes using FTA paper. The paper rapidly inactivates organisms especially pathogens. Sample processing requires hot water elution to isolate the DNA. The sample volume required is very less in this procedure. In the case of blood sample, Hemoglobin (PCR inhibitor) bounds to FTA elute matrix .  FTA paper is a unique mixture of the buffer, protein denaturants, and chelating agents. Sucrose solution is used to isolate the DNA. Aliquot of sucrose solution should be taken from the freezer to thaw. Transfer sample along with sucrose to a sterile tube, vortexing for the 30s and centrifuge briefly. Solid material should be removed and discarded from the sample. A sample is recovered from sucrose via Vaccum or spin filtration on membranes.


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