Rapid DNA Analysis

Rapid DNA develops a hands-free automated DNA profile within 2 hours from a reference buccal swab without human intervention. The FBI’s rapid DNA process is an effort to establish a CODIS profile by using FBI-approved instruments integrating CODIS structure to solve crimes. Rapid DNA Analysis is also called the DNA magic box by law enforcement authorities. FBI established the Rapid DNA program in 2010. Rapid DNA Analysis machine manufacturers are IntergenX and ANDE. The FBI works with state, federal, local government, and scientific working groups to test and validate the hand-free method.

FBI is now developing current validation and methods for DNA typing by collecting known DNA from arrestees. Rapid DNA systems are not authorized to use on crime scene samples for uploading and searching onto CODIS. Crime scene samples should be processed only on FBI authorized laboratories following FBI quality assurance and standards.

The President approved the Rapid DNA Act of 2017 and signed it on August 18, 2017. The law allows the FBI director to issue standards and procedures for implementing Rapid DNA analysis. FBI has been working towards the testing and implementation of Rapid DNA Analysis. In 2012 palm beach Police department first received the Rapid HIT 200 system. After the first year of testing and validation, the rapid DNA analysis procedures gave leads to real-world crime scenes.

Use of Rapid DNA immigration control

This procedure exposes family unit fraud who are seeking asylum. Adult and children who are traveling together illegally claim as biologically related. In June 2019, a contract was given to Bode Cellmark Forensics to expand the program.

Use of Rapid DNA in defense and Intelligence

Rapid DNA systems have been developed for funding by the Department of Defense and Intelligence for their applicability in forwarding field operations. Rapid DNA systems can also be used for analyzing touch DNA samples.

Future of Rapid DNA

Several important policies and quality assurance standards need to be addressed for the deployment of Rapid DNA Analysis. After the Rapid DNA Act of 2017, FBI updated quality standards and procedure in order to use Rapid DNA Analysis in non-lab environment.


The Rapid DNA Analysis instrument helps to identify the human ID in less than 2 hours. The swab in-profile out process consists of automated extraction, amplification, separation detection, and allele calling without human intervention. ANDE received National DNA Index System (NDIS) approval from the FBI. NDIS approval is a major milestone. NDIS approved labs to process DNA samples and search ANDE’s ID against FBI CODIS without interpretation or review. More than 2000 samples are sampled and processed in ANDE rapid system and accurate results produced are tested and validated. A-Chip consumable, FlexPlex™ chemistry, and automated interpretation system by an Expert System Software.

Rapid DNA analysis

RapidHIT ID System

It is a fully automated system for STR analysis. The system produces a decentralized environment to produce compatible DNA profiles from a single source DNA sample in less than 90 minutes. Hands-on time in the instrument is less than 1 minute. Profiles are reviewed using the RAPID LINK software.

Rapid DNA analysis


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