Solar Power Plants and Future of Green Plants?

Plants-“CREATOR’S EVER GREAT CREATION” in this earth.

Photovoltaic image with solar grids
Plants, a group of living organisms has the capacity to prepare their own food through the process of photosynthesis and make it available to other living organisms through storage of food in various plant parts. In addition to preparation of food, photosynthesis in green plants helps to release enormous amount of oxygen in to the atmosphere. This is the life saving gas for all living organisms in this earth.

One of the raw material for photosynthesis , carbon-dioxide , if it is present in excess in the atmosphere, it will create many health and environmental issues. All these shows that plants through the process of photosynthesis supply food and oxygen that are essential for the existence of living organisms on this earth. Otherwise it help to satisfy two primary needs of a living organism and help to protect our earth from many drastic environmental issues.

Today solar power plants in different forms, i.e. , large scale and small scale solar energy trapping units becoming popular without knowing or studying its effect on the vegetation around it. The photosynthetic efficiency of green plants around a solar power plant made to be the subject of study by the researchers without any lapse of time. It is important to conduct and analyze results of researches in the field of solar power plants scientifically before popularizing it as a source of energy. Otherwise the very existence of man and other living organisms on this earth will be under threat along with the rising solar power plants.

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