An eye on the Artificial intelligrnce

An Eye on the Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever seen the flying cars or Robotic maids bringing your lunch or your inbox reply to emails for you!!! You might be wondering, right? Here comes the concept of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s start with a simple question,

what do you think the most complex object in the universe is? try and think of it.

Literally, the answer is in your head is ‘The Human Brain’- The most powerful and complex, which is the ultimate concept of AI.

Now if you are thinking of how does it came into existence and what actually AI means, here is the answer:

  • Evidence of Artificial Intelligence folklore can be traced back to ancient Egypt. But with the development of the electronic computer in 1941, the technology finally became available to create Machine intelligence.
  • AUGUST 31,1955 the term “Artificial intelligence” is coined in a proposal for a ‘2 months, 10 man study of AI’ by John McCarty(Dartmouth University). The workshop, which took place a year later, in July and August 1956, is generally considered as the official birth date of the new field called AI as we know it today.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(AI) refers to the stimulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In simple terms, it’s just an ARTIFICIAL+INTELLIGENCE which satisfy the human needs in touchless technology.

????Are you really curious about how does it work?? Does AI require coding? Confused about how to get started?

That’s great, I’m here to fuel your ambiguous engine,

  • AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data.
  • Yes, programming is required to understand and develop solutions. The top 5 languages that help with work in the field of AI are Python, LISP, Prolog, C++, Java as it provides an extensive set of tools, frameworks, and libraries that help in the creation of algorithms that drive AI systems.
Here is the simple strategy which helps you out in getting started with AI,
  1. A solid background in MATH is just crucial.
  2. Narrow your focus: What do you want to build?
  3. Choose your programming language: Consider performance and library availability.
  4. Learn by doing: Try to solve a simple program for a start.
  5. Get familiar with ML algorithms and Artificial Neural Network.
  6. Most importantly: Explore what you learned with the help of suitable platforms and resources (for beginners go with free online tutorials).

???? Is AI restricted only to IT or tech industry? Will AI replace our jobs?

Unlike general perception, AI is not limited to just IT or the tech industry. It is being extensively used in other areas which are listed below :

  • HEALTHCARE for assisting doctors
  • EDUCATION for automating the grading system.
  • AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES for advanced features.
  • BUSINESS for the smoothening the overall process.
  • TRAVEL INDUSTRY for predicting pricing patterns.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA for serving personalized experience.

AI won’t replace the jobs, AI will change the nature of work, how profoundly automation will alter the workplace!

 Many experts and industry analysts says that  AI is the future – but if we look around ,it’s NOT THE FUTURE-IT IS PRESENT.

With the advancement in technology , we already connected to AI in one or the other way.

AI can help optimize any job. It’s not AI versus human, it is a combination of humans and AI versus the actual problem statement.




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