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Journey towards Web Development

Are you passionate about Web Development, interested in trying out some basic beginner stuff? Don’t worry I have got you covered.

What do you know about Web Development? In simple terms, it’s building and maintaining websites. Now comes the question of why?

Why do you need Websites?

  • Show your Online presence.
  • Letting know about your Company’s brand and image.
  • Get referrals and recognition’s about your work and much more.

Now, if you are thinking of getting started with it, then you should make sure that you start learning daily so that you won’t lose the consistency of interest. Learning Web development is not just about making websites but also you can do so much more when you start exploring it deeply.

Is Web Development limited to just building Websites ?

Not at all… There are different parts of Web Development which involve Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, Desktop, Game, Mobile, Security, and Embedded development.

I’ve been exploring Web development especially Front-end from the past months and I’ve learned so many things. I started from freecodecamp followed by some tutorials on YouTube especially ‘Online Tutorials‘. The Responsive Web Design course from freecodecamp is very interactive and has helped me so much to think beyond the ordinary also has made me spend some time daily to try on stuff and play with it. In this regard, I’ve decided to document my Journey of whatever I’ve tried my hands on every day.

This “Web development journey” Repository is my Journey of how I’ve explored Web Development. Feel free to check it out and share your journey and your ideas as well.

GitHub Link – https://github.com/ThejasreeKilari/Web_development_journey 

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