COVID Bot – How Bots help cope with pandemics!

In my last couple of posts, I explained some basics of a chatbot, in this segment, I am deviating a bit to address the pandemic situation and how bots help in overcoming the same and improving workplace efficiency and achieve digital transformation.

Not just COVID, take any pandemic/epidemic/natural disaster, one key constant in all of these are the fact that it would affect and disrupt all our day to day activities. May it be commuting to work or getting even the basics of our day to day official activities. In a normal scenario, what makes offices better than working from home is the accessibility to information/collaterals/personnel, now let’s see how a bot can help in such a situation.

What problem is COVID Bot solving?

Imagine, a corporate-centric scenario where your laptop screen is blinking, you would have to run down to IT and/or scramble around to find who in IT would help in this specific issue you are having. Another scenario where you want to check if a certain illness is covered under your companies insurance policy, or if you want to check your SL balance and write a mail to the HR, only to find the HR who handles it is on a long leave and you have to find the alternative. These are only some of the extremely infinite number of possible tasks that would arise, that would be next to impossible to figure out if you are at home, let alone, all the colleagues are affected and may not have instant access to calls/emails.

image with laptop and human


Coming to some customer-centric scenario where RBI has announced Moratorium, but you have EMI due, so you may not know if you are eligible to apply for a moratorium. (You are bdb), You either have to call the banks customer care, which as you know, would run at maybe less than 50% capacity if not less at such uncertain times, so you can’t get through, or check hundreds of pages of RBI guidelines and read the fine prints.

What does a COVID bot do?

A bot can very effectively help improving workplace efficiency by solving the above scenarios in a jiffy. It can help a lot in most of your day to day work from home difficulties. All you have to say is (Provided you have integrated relevant APIs(( APIs are kind of like a bridge between your bot and the sources of information)) to collect relevant information), “My laptop screen is blinking and check if my insurance covers COVID disease and check my leave balance also If EMI Moratorium covered for existing defaulters” and that’s it. What a bot does is that it maps the intent and entities of all your phrases with the help of NLP(Natural language processing), and map it to the relevant department and go ahead and map that even further to point of contacts of each vertical and pull up exactly the insurance coverage for the specific disease and guidelines of RBI in Moratorium for defaulters. and a bot can even go to the extent that it will automatically send a mail to HR/IT with your query.

To put it bluntly, it is an introverts paradise, where you don’t have to anymore rely on anyone to do anything, and everything is available to you at a single interface. that’s what’s a bot does, It makes working from home much more hassle-free. I just explained a couple out of hundreds of such iterations which can be instantly resolved by a click of a couple of buttons by bots.

What does a COVID bot look like?

I am citing one such bot here, where you can yourself have a hands-on experience on all the amazing things a bot can do, to improve enterprise efficiency – Kora COVID-19 Assistant

Kora COVID-19 Digital Assistant provides employees instant and comprehensive information about the pandemic and how it relates to the company by

  • Delivering accurate information from credible sources such as the WHO and CDC
  • Providing enterprise-specific answers to COVID-19 related questions
  • Resolving support queries and issues

To Conclude

In these trying times, a COVID bot can help in finding order in chaos, some solace in these uncertain times, that even cut off from the rest of the organization, someone can instantly help you irrespective of the time of the day, weekday/weekend or even a public holiday. Its high time we make the paradigm shift to make information easily and effectively accessible to each and everyone in the organization. Furthermore, it also helps in improving workplace efficiency and digital transformation.

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