Role of Virtual Assistant in enhancing customer experience

Role of Virtual Assistant in customer experience

Virtual assistant in enhancing customer experience :

The world of conversational experience is way beyond our imagination. In any industry customer experience can be modulated through a conversational chat or a voice bot.


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I am not talking about the normal conversational experience of “check my bank account balance “ or “press 1 to do that or press 2 to do this”,  we have transcended way beyond this ancient CX to a more enriching experience, like “ transfer $20 to John Doe after showing me my account balance from my savings accounts on August 20th, 2023 with a note saying happy anniversary”.

What I described above is just one of the infinitesimal possibilities and use cases that you can essentially bring into a conversation through a virtual assistant. 

Right now we are on the precipice of making everything virtual.  pretty soon everything in your life can essentially be done with a single interface I am not just talking about everything within a bank or everything within your own company ecosystem I am talking about literally everything.  Imagine opening a single interface and commanding and it “show me my account statement for the last month and schedule an appointment with the doctor on August 15th, 2021 and purchase a pair of Puma shoes that on sale in Amazon the one which is in my cart and order a cup of coffee from the nearest Starbucks” all of this is done instantly believe me the technology is here and sooner than later Google or Facebook is going to roll out this feature, but we already have someone doing exactly similar.


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You can find a pretty robust platform called, who has already done that! is a pioneer in the market-leading the Virtual assistant technology, for the past 7+ years, with a robust platform, multilingual capabilities ( 20 + languages ), multiple NLP engines (FM, ML, Ontology), deployable on-prem or cloud or hybrid, making the process of building a VA essentially codeless, with its No code/low code feature,  right now have bots active, in around 100 fortune 2000 enterprises. Kore has a product called – which right now actors single point of interface for employees, wherein you can essentially do, with a single command, five different tasks that would take you more and 15 to 20 minutes and that is assuming you have the right contact to actually assigned the task to, All you have to do is the command “ Hi Kora, set up a meeting with mark from xyz company;  Raise a ticket at my laptop is not working;  mail the HR asking for my leave balance;  pull up my quarterly sales pipeline;  pull up my payroll activities for the past three months and say hi to Sandy from accounting” here, Kora, executes all the above task which goes to various departments like Finance, HR, Sales, Accounting and various software like salesforce, mail, messaging apps, etc, ALL IN A SINGLE VOICE COMMAND! 


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Life is too short to waste your time and effort on doing a lot of things through various channels, spending hours doing something which would require mere seconds. The ROI is also huge, it’s time spend let’s say 2 hours out of the employees 8 – 9 hours, can be better utilized if the process is automated, which would save literally millions for the respective companies. It’s high time for all enterprises, large or small if you haven’t enabled Virtual Assist yet, to join the market leaders, in this digital revolution, and transforming your enterprise, and make it future savvy. 

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