Blockchain Algorithms,
SmartContracts & Applications



Book Description

This book covers several important topics on current blockchain algorithms.
The focus of this book is to provide an overview to the common reader – about three things:

  1. Blockchain algorithms
  2. Smart contracts 
  3. Decentralized applications.

The reader of this book should be aware of the key happenings in the cryptocurrency space. The book starts with a discussion of algorithms in the blockchain namely the validation algorithm, and the Merkle-tree algorithm, Elliptic curve cryptography algorithm, Zero-knowledge proof algorithm – which form the foundational structure for any blockchain.
Further to the discussion of algorithms the book discusses smart contract platforms and decentralized applications which use these smart contracts. Important illustrations of the decentralized applications include the Ethereum naming service , the Bitcoin Lightning network, Constantinople and St.Petersburg updates of the Ethereum smart contract platform.
We also discuss the hyperledger platform and its importance in developing several enterprise grade applications. Then we introduce the authors to recent developments in decentralized applications such as the DutchX protocol, the Etherisc protocol, central bank digital currencies and the Cosmos blockchain network