How to create your first Ethereum decentralized Application Using 
Truffle, Ganache, and Meta mask?



Book Description

This book guides users through a step-by-step process to create a Decentralized Blogging Application using Truffle, Ganache, and Metamask plugins. We used blogging, but this can typically be extended to any form of digital content stored on the Ethereum blockchain. For example, the art projects of Crypto Kitties or even NBA stars are digital assets similar to the blogging one, which is the simplest form of storage of digital text on the ethereum blockchain. This illustration is generic to use. This book introduces the following applications in the context of an ethereum decentralized application, namely: Truffle, Ganache, Metamask, Ethereum Dapp, and Node.js web3 libraries. We try to introduce these applications from the point of view of developers who need to understand where to start.

This development was conducted using the Windows operating system. A similar development environment can be done using the Linux operating system. We hope that developers who attempt to write it understand how to install Linux, even if it is within a docker kind of environment with the requisite tools and libraries.