Topics in Forensic Biology



Book Description

The book starts with a methodology section about DNA typing, and Forensic DNA profiling, while documenting the basics of DNA extraction and delving into 3-4 different DNA extraction methods namely Chelex DNA extraction, FTA paper extraction and non-human DNA Testing. The book also describes and elucidates through several cases applications of these scientific DNA extraction and testing methods. For example, how did Forensic biology help confirm the identity of Saddam Hussein, and the now infamous Monic Lewinsky blue dress that was used as evidence against President Clinton. Next the author also briefly introduces the topics of Laser Microdissection, Serology, Semen Analysis , Analysis of Saliva and Tests for Body Fluids in humans. Amongst key techniques used by the author are the topics of Polymerase Chain Reaction, Length Heterogeneity Polymerase Chain Reaction, Sanger Sequencing, Short Tandem Repeats, Quantitative PCR, Multiplex PRC, Y-Chromosomal STR typing and STR Genotyping and Interpretation of Data. Finally, the book concludes with a chapter on future trends in forensic biology.