Blue Dress of Lewinsky and Forensic Method to Detect Semen Stain

Monica Lewinsky blue dress


In 1988, independent counsel Kenneth Star was investigating allegations that then the US president William Jefferson Clinton had a sexual relationship with white house intern Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton denied the allegations publicly since there was no evidence at that time. Monica Lewinsky blue dress was bought into FBI Laboratory for the purpose of investigation. Semen stain was present in the blue dress. Later, in the evening blood sample from Clinton was drawn as a reference sample.


monica lewinsky blue dress

Forensic Method to Detect Semen Stain

A reference blood sample was compared against the question sample semen stain using seven conventional RFLP markers digesting it with restriction enzyme Hae III. Semen stain and a blood sample was a match at seven RFLP loci examined.

The biological evidence was strong evidence along with other evidence and testimony. Williams Jefferson Clinton was impeached on 19 December 1998. He was the second US president to be impeached. William Jefferson Clinton career will always be tainted by the semen stain present on the dress.


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